From the services the ones below are accessable in English too:

General consultancy
tanacsadasYou can ask your questions either in person or online. The point is that you should be aware of the relevant Hungarian legislation and the duties relating to you. Please note that consultancy in English is avaliable only in a limited number of legal fields. 
Sales contract, Lease contract (etc.) preparing
angol zaszloBesides the contracts mentioned in the above heading it is possible to make several other kinds of documents in English. The translation and the consultation prior to signing the document guarantess that you can have a total overview of the given legal procedure, and have a clear picture of your rights and duties.
Legal representation regarding civil law cases and criminal law cases
polgari jogIf you are involved in civil or criminal litigation in Hungary it is advisable that you should comission a legal representative with whom you can communicate in English without an interpreter.
Company establishment and modifying
bunteto szabalysertesi jogI am at your disposal in cases of company establishment. My office is well-equipped to offer help in registering your company in Hungary. Our cooperation does not have to end with establishing the company. On demand I am ready to continuously support your company with legal advice and contract forms.
Asylum and residence permit 
cegalapitas Special attention must be paid to cases of this kind. It is of utmost importance that as a foreigner you should be in possession of the document that guarantees your lawful stay in country. I can help you determine what actions you should take to achieve your goal.
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